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07 April 2022

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TOMORROW! 📀📀📀 and all digital audio platforms.

A recording is a sort of magical vial which will forever contain a special musical moment in time. This vial contains all our feelings and thoughts and has the incredible power to keep our memories, knowledge and heritage alive.

Almost two years ago we started this long and beautiful journey in the form of a recording of Italian cello concertos by Casella, Ghedini and Malipiero with our dear friends Valentin Uryupin, Dmitrii Prokofiev and the wonderful Rostov Academic Orchestra. The recording sessions were interrupted by numerous Covid waves and personal challenges, but now the sun is shining and by its light we can share our hope for a brighter future through the music we hold dear.

We are extremely happy to announce that the Naxos label, which supported our project from the beginning, and has announced our album as one of its priority releases for April 2022. Naxos Chairman, Klaus Heymann writes: ‘I hope this release will serve to remind people of our splendid, ongoing Italian Classics series that features repertoire from the 19th and 20th centuries. The album's programme of contrasting mid-20th-century Italian cello concertos comprises three fine works that are rarely performed and are sparsely represented in recording catalogues. All the composers were associated with the cello from a young age, which enabled them to not only indulge in virtuoso showmanship, but to explore the instrument’s expressive potential, a quality that is ably explored by young cellist Nikolay Shugaev... This is his debut recording for Naxos.’

I would like to give enormous thanks to Peter Bromley, Naxos’s Head of Production, who liked the idea of this recording and who supervised the project throughout its entire production.

Luleå University - Piteá school of music

25 December 2021

I’m really happy to announce that from January 2022 I’m going to join the faculty of the School of Music in Piteå at Luleå University of Technology, one of Sweden's six music academies.
You can study string instruments in our bachelor's or master's programs. Our teachers are Amus Kerstin Andersson in violin, Bo Olofsson in double bass and me on cello.

The teaching is planned individually. Our students have generous rehearsal time with competent pianists. As a string student, you will play chamber music, chamber orchestra and symphony orchestra. The school offers excellent facilities in a calm and concentrated environment.

With us, you get a valuable network of contacts already during your studies. The competent teachers, nice practicing rooms, the modern equipment and the great team of students make the study environment very stimulating. Last application date is 2022-01-17.

More information at

Tips on how to prepare for the auditions:

An inspirational video about our programs:

Nikolay Shugaev. Conducting DEBUT in Russia

18 March 2021

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April 10th. Nikolay's conducting debut in Russia, North-Caucasian State Philarmonic. Featuring a World Premiere of Mihkel Kerem's Symphony n. 6 and concerto for organ and string orchestra P. Klatzow - Soloist Svetlana Berezhnaya, Sergey Prokofiev's Symphony n.1 "Classical" and concerto for clavicembalo and strings by Roberto di Marino.

The big recording session

15 September 2020

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Nikolay is going to record a new cd featuring concertos composed by G. Ghedini, A. Casella, G. Malipiero with the State Academic Rostov Symphony orchestra, Valentin Uryupin conducting and S. Slovachevsky on a cello.

Habana Clasica 3rd edition is coming

20 October 2019

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GASSENHAUER CD is in stores

20 October 2019

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This fall special! Follow the link and make a Christmas gift for your friends!

2 cd disks are coming this fall...

11 July 2019

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A trio CD with amazing partners Milan Rericha (clarinet) and Fatima Rericha Alieva (piano) is coming this fall on the label Gallo (c) Switzerland. Works by Brahms, Beethoven and Mendelssohn.
A Duo cd with an astonishing pianist Nikolay Tokarev. Golden hits for cello and piano for the Universal music Korea.

Habana Clasica 3rd edition is coming

11 July 2019

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This November! Old friends and new ones will get together to perform numerous concerts and music projects together. Stay tuned!

Michael Fine - Suite Rain for cello and piano World Premiere

31 October 2018

Michael Fine - Suite Rain for cello and piano World Premiere during the Habanclasica Festival with Marcos Madrigal and Michael Fine himself. 16th of November

Oene Van Geel - Road Movie double cello concerto...

31 October 2018

November music festival

World and European premiere of Oene Van Geel's - Road Movie double cello concert. In company with an outstanding New European Ensemble and Willem Stam (cello).